The Generic Wallow

(Story by Jackie Edwards, Sheila Paulson and CindyR.  Rude noises by Kathy Hintze.)

Build Your Own Wallow! Just fill in the blanks of the story by using the prompts from the chart at right.

Don't forget your tissues!

(1) Comforter
(2) Comfortee
(3) Type of Car: Torino, Capri, Triumph, Studebaker
(4) Friend, Partner, Associate, Boss, Nemesis, Pain-in-the-Butt
(5) Anatomy: ( Your Choice!)
(6) Clothing: Shirt, Pants, Underwear
(7) Villain
(8) Type of hair: Blond, Brunette, Red, Curly, Soft, Store-Bought


The car screeched to a halt and    (1)    leapt from the driver's side of the    (3)    with    (2)   , his     (4)   , close behind.  Suddenly a shot rang out, and    (2)    fell, clutching his     (5)    .

"   (2)    !"    (2)    cried, pulling him to safety behind the car and cradling him in his arms.  "Hang on,    (2)    ," he whispered, laying him down gently.  He pulled his weapon, scanning the horizon.  A shower of bullets made him duck his head.  "We're pinned down," he gasped.  "Someone will have heard the shots. We’ll have to wait for help.  "How badly are you hurt?" he asked, exposing the wound. "Oh, my God," he exclaimed, pressing his hand against the wound.

 gasped as  the action sent a bolt of pain through him.     (1)     drew back horrified,  and began to tear  strips off of his      (6)    for bandages.  "Help is on the way," __(1)___ said gently, applying the cloth to the wound.

  paused when his wrist was caught in a feeble grasp. "Be careful,    (1)   ,"    (2)   _ whispered hoarsely.  "It must be     (7)   .

"Don't worry, old son,"    (1)   _ reassured him.  "I'll never let him get you!"

Another rain of bullets made the
   (3)    lurch as the tires went out.    (1)     threw himself protectively across     (2)   until the  danger was past. “I hope help arrives soon,"
   (1)      said, carefully picking glass out of     (2)  's    (8)   locks.   "I've got to get you to a hospital!"

"Don't worry about me,"
   (2)    smiled bravely, vainly attempting to disguise his suffering.  "I'll be... just fine."

 took in the strained, pale face and felt his heart lurch with affection.  Just like     (2)    to try to reassure him!   "Sure you will, buddy."    (2)    returned the smile but was unable to restrain the shiver of apprehension which ran through him.  If     (7)      were to ever get his hands on
   (2)    …. He rejected the thought as too terrible to contemplate.  Never!  Not while a breath remained in his body would that scum ever get his hands on the kindest, most decent bestest-friend a fellow ever had!

Suddenly a leering voice tore his attention away from his suffering friend.. “Hey
   (2)    , are you there?"

 gritted his teeth against the anger burning in his breast.   "I hear you     (7)    ."

"I only want
   (2)    , Copper.  Give him to me and I'll let you live."

"Go to heck,
   (7)  ,”    (1)    called angrily.  "I--"

     (1)    ."  The pain-filled voice interrupted the furious retort.    (1)    glanced down in to bright eyes.  "It sounds like ....a good deal me.  No sense... us both getting ...killed."

"Don't talk like an idiot,    (2)    ."    (1)     brushed back a lock of    (8)    hair.  "You wouldn't leave me, after all."

  A harsh cough choked off the brave words, wracking the  slender/sturdy frame. "Oh    (1)    !" he moaned when he had breath to speak again.

"   (2)    ."    (1)    pulled the huddled figure onto his lap.  "You know I wouldn't ever leave you!  We'll make it.  You just...."

In the distance a siren howled, the most welcome sound either man had ever heard, then
   (7)    's voice sounded again.  "I'll be back, cop.  This time for both of ya!"

 felt himself relaxing.   "You see, I told you we'd make it."  He held    (2)    a little closer, his face wreathed in a relieved smile.  "You'll be all right now, buddy!"

“You mean we'll be all right now,"
   (2)     managed before his head dropped sideways against     (1)   's chest.

   (2)    ,"    (1)     whispered, "We'll make it.  After all, we're partners, aren’t we?


This story is dedicated with a hug, a chaste kiss, a fatal disease, a flesh wound and lots and lots of love to angst-mongers everywhere.

It’s especially dedicated to Kathy Hintze.

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